Confessions of a (no longer newbie) blogger

Okay, okay you were right. All of those posts I read about the majority of blogs only lasting all of five minutes…. It was almost me. I say almost because here I am, confessing to my absence and vowing to start again with renewed enthusiasm.

The first few weeks of blogging were brilliant, I was on a roll, I couldn’t write the posts fast enough. I didn’t mind having 50 photos of every activity we did clogging up my phone – it’s for the blog, I’ll sort through the ‘good ones’ later. I’d spend the majority of time looking through the pile and deciding this one or that one? Which one showcases this activity best? When all in all they were the same photo, with a slight angle change?!

Then the activities starting to pile up on my ‘To blog about’ mental list. Hubby would sigh, ‘Are you blogging AGAIN?’ – he doesn’t really get this while blogging thing. Every time a famous blogger (any genre) is mentioned on the TV/Radio I have to point out – SEE, they’re bloggers, people read their stuff! I think this only adds to his bewilderment.

The truth is, I love blogging. I genuinely do. Putting together near perfect pictures of the girls and writing about what we do and why gives it an extra dimension of meaning and value. Not that being a stay at/work from home mum needs any added dimensions, it’s a tough role – some days are awesome you rejoice that you don’t have to join the masses in the traffic on their way to work, you play all day, your children learn and master something new, you get out and about. Other days not so much, you’re all still in pjs come 11am and your praying no one drops in on a surprise visit and catches sight of your kitchen?!

I love when people have read one of my posts and takes the time to comment, or better still gives one of the activities a go. I’ve also loved reading a lot of other blogs via the linkys. I’ve made some virtual friends doing this, I’ve found it much easier than talking to real life mums out there.

Now I’ve read a lot of tips on how to make your blog successful, it takes a lot of time, effort and organisation. I’ve never been the most organised person – don’t let the teacher thing fool you, I envy those who can pull this off continually. Effort – I’m willing to put a bucket load of that in. Time – a grey area. Yes, I have the evenings once the girls are in bed for the night but some days you just want to do nothing. Having a schedule doesn’t really help me with this. Hmmm….

So here is my plan. I’m going to aim for just one post a week. ONE. If I get more done at least I’ll feel good about it. I will not take so many photos to scrutinise so closely. It’ll be more of a what you see is what you get. Each post will not have to be as long as my current posts – I think a quick mini post about something simple but effective will be just as valuable to you.

I feel better already!

Apologies to anyone who missed us in our absence (we’re always around on Instagram) and extra kudos to those Mummy and Daddy bloggers out there smashing it. It’s really not as easy as it looks!

Feel free to add your own blogging confessions below. Words of encouragement also welcomed 🙂

Much love,

Cat, Squidge & Boo

  • Claire (January 12, 2017)

    Welcome back. I can so relate to this post! I missed your blog though. Look forward to more from you.

    • Cat (January 14, 2017)

      Thanks Claire 🙂 xx


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